Hi, I'm Adam. I live near Atlanta and I have been a Diaper Lover since about age 7 or 8.

I went in the attic and found a bureau that had in it my old cloth diapers and rubber pants.
I used to love to put them on and pretend I was a baby again. I don't exactly remember what happened to them but I think they got thrown away when we moved prior to Jr. High School. I don't think I actually ever wet them because I would have had no way to wash them.

When I was about 10, my parents had some young friends who would come visit us at our cabin. They had two little boys- one in diapers and one in training pants. I think he was just a wetter, and probably a bed wetter too of course. I used to swipe their diapers - only the used ones (was I a little pervert?) and play with them. I remember loving the way they smelled and I can still remember the exact smell! I guess that was the first real sign.

When I was 12-13 I babysat a couple of twin boys a lot. I guess they were about 8 or 9. One was still a bedwetter and I had to help dress him for bed each night. He wore those reusable nylon pants that snapped on the sides and also had a snap in liner. I can remember getting very excited whenever I touched the diapers. I used to check him every hour and if he was wet, I'd always change him. His Mom really appreciated that he was dry when she got home.

During the same time frame, I babysat some people around the corner. My dad would always pick me up but this one time the husband gave me a ride home. Well, he molested me in the car. I still can remember my feelings when he put his hand down my pants and started playing with my little peepee. Of course he was all "this is our special secret and don't tell because no one will believe you". THAT was the end of my babysitting and for some reason my interest in diapers for a while. I felt really bad and "dirty" after that incident.

At about 15, I discovered the Sears and Penny's Home Health Catalog. I would save my money, order diapers (cloth) and "Incontinence Pants", ride my bike to Sears and pick them up. I don't know how I worked up the courage but I'm sure I made up some story about my sick grandma or whatever.

I guess I played with those for a few years. I worked later on for Rich's Department store in Atlanta (now Macy's) and was starting to get interested in girls. Once I was delivering a hamper full of girls department clothes one morning and noticed the seal was broken. It was a hamper full of girls "Teenform" training bras. Something just drew me to them, so I stole the only thing I have ever in my life: About 5 of those bras. They were like 32A or AA. I raced to the bathroom to try one on. I think I had my first orgasm when I put it on! I wore it all day under my jacket and shirt. I guess that day I became a bit of a sissy, too.

Skipping forward to my College years of 1981-1983.I was at the news stand in the college book store. I noticed a magazine called "Letters". On the cover it said "Adult Babies". I think the cover featured someone in a diaper possibly. Those old juices started flowing again and I bought it right there. I was to buy many more and Penthouse Forum Variations as well. I would eagerly look for the diaper articles, but alas, they only had them every 3 or 4 months. Nevertheless, I read and reread them, wishing the same things could happen to me. I had fun with those magazines and still have them. I also bought magazines called Florida Swinging Moderns. There was no diaper content but there was a lot of swinging going on. I mostly looked at the cute couples and their activities. I remember one woman who dressed like a little girl and had her hair in pigtails.

1983 and the early 90's.

In 1983 or so, I picked up a kit from Radio Shack and got on Compuserve. I did not really have any ABDL presence, nor did I know about their chat rooms for the subject.

In 1993, AOL connected their service to the Internet. They handed out hundreds of thousends of AOL CDs and floppies to try to get people to subscribe. I didn't take the bait because by then I had a Mindspring dial-up account from work.

In 1995 Netcom released a free browser, called Netcruiser. It used Netcom's services, which you had to pay for by the hour. I got on the service with the Email address of ATVGUY@netcom.com. I must have typed in "Diapers" because soon I discovered news groups, Telnet and IRC (Internet Relay Chat). There, I found an IRC channel called #DPF. At some point I began Telneting to the University in Knoxville TN. This was my only entry to IRC. On IRC I made all sorts of friends and discovered the world of ABDL. I made friends with a girl who went by Titania who was in Knoxville. I made arrangements to visit her and we went out to eat. She had a weird family situation and wasn't in the best of health and we eventually parted ways.

To be continued

In the last few years, some of my friends helped a bit of a hidden AB side of me come out as well. I explored that for a while, but don't really fit into the goo-goo gaa-gaa, coloring, baby food headspace that well. So I guess I'm really more of a diaper lover with a few AB tendancies. The AB part really has to do with the toddlerish clothes I love to wear.

Work related, I have pretty much now now retired from the computer/telecom industry. I used to travel a lot in the US, the UK and Western Europe for a Fortune 50 company, and used to travel in the UK and Western Europe, so I was able to meet up with others when I could. For now, I mostly travel in my home state of Georgia maintaining a large wireless network.

I've been interacting online with other ABs and DLs for decades on the Internet, and have been around long enough to know (and have met in person) some of the following: SpaceBaby (RIP), Boogles, Gary, Toddler, Pidge, Racter (all from the original #DPF IRC days and the beginnings of the BBIF discussion list).
Some of the more recent folks I have met are folks like: My very close friend and intimate playmate Baby Stephanie (RIP), Baby Steffie, Bittergrey, ABjoey, Bob Big (Seattle), Diaper Dave (My favorite AB Brother), DaddyMouse, Baby Mouse, BabySara, BabyKimmy (RIP), Baby Renay, Daddy Robert, Baby Huey, BlueBaby, DadeOno, BammBamm, Tiggles (in London), BabyTodd, BabyDarrell, BabyBrandon, Racinlady (Debbie), Pigtails (RIP my AB Sister in NY) and a bunch more.

I still want to meet many other that I have been talking online with over the years! Among them are Riverwind (He's now RIP) and LilJennie, plus the rest of the ABDLs here in Atlanta and the immediate Southeast.

Although I really like having my own diaper changed, I have also played the big brother or Daddy role and feel just as comfortable giving others the pleasure of that as well. After all- EVERYONE needs someone to change them. What did you think- diapers change themselves?

Another "fetish" (I guess you could call it that) I have besides diapers and toddlerish clothes is overalls and shortalls. I love to wear them- especially a cute pair of shortalls. Its too bad they aren't in style for guys, although I do wear my Oshkosh shortalls out in public when it is hot. I wear the overalls a lot in cooler weather. Most people just think I'm weird for liking them, but they are great with diapers on underneath. Girls in overalls really turn me on too- and its just that much better if they are shortalls.

I'm pretty shy until I meet you, so I'm covering up my face in these pics, but at least they aren't just pics of a torso and a diaper . I am working on getting some more taken and hope to have a session with another DL to do this soon. A few years ago I visited BabyTodd, a Florida AB who had a neat crib made for him and I took advantage of the chance to get some pics of me in it!

Baby Stephanie had an awesome double bed sized crib and we had lots of fun and took lots of pics in it as well! She lived in a Habitat For Humanity House that she helped build. Thanks to Jimmy Carter. She moved away and I found out that she, too, has passed away.

In November 2004, I had a visitor from Boston. DLJoey came down and we had a play day and photo session one afternoon. I loved playing with Joey! He let me try on his red shortalls made by Marcie at 4EverAKid. I let him try several of my outfits including one of my lap shouldered onesies. We even found out that he fits in both my Goodnites as well as my modified Huggies Pullups. We had great diaper fun together. Thanks Joey!

Since then I have met many other DLs and ABs who came through town. I lived in the DC area for part of 2010 and got to see lots of "littles" and DLs at the DC Munch a couple of times. This is the one hosted by Baby Mako.

Email me if you'd like to know more about me or if you might want to meet up sometime.

Yep- That's me wearing one of the new Huggies Pull Ups with the velcro sides.

And, judging from fact that the little fire hat pictures have faded away, it looks like I'm wet, too! It is so exciting to be wearing a real baby diaper that fits me!

Would you like to see how I made the Pullup fit me so well? Then click to go to the Pull-Up page

Adam's Photos

PLEASE do not redistribute these pictures.

A visit with my sissy sister Pigtails in NYC June 2011 (under construction)

Playing with Baby Steph- a real life baby girl (under construction)

A trip to the mountains April 2002

Waking up wet in my lap-shouldered onesie September 2001

Goodnights June 2003

Several stages of a Depend Overnight June 2003

Sissy onesie-dress June 2003

I visited Baby Todd's in Tampa and got to sleep in his crib October 2003

Visit from Baby Joey November 2004


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